10 Ways to Involve in Your Local Community

In a study done in the year of 2014 by Infusion soft the SMBs all over the world declared a word of mouth marketing strategy to be the most successful promotional tool for involving the local community in a business. A mind-boggling 62% mentioned word of mouth marketing tactics to be their premium promotional tactic and ranked it twice as successful as email, which is the marketing tactic that is ranked second.

But what is the way that small businesses can boost word of mouth advertising? In the section below we discuss a number of word of mouth advertising ideas that have been used successfully by businesses over a number of years.

Many a successful word of mouth marketing strategy

Try setting targets for word of mouth marketing

Just as is the case with any other form of marketing policy, vague targets like “getting all and sundry to converse with us” are too hazy to be functional. One must try and create assessable targets in their word of mouth marketing strategy like

  • Getting a definite number of fresh buyers via referrals in a month
  • Acquiring press coverage in no less than three places on a monthly basis or
  • Producing a definite number of leads on a monthly basis by the use of word of mouth promotion

Fashion a method for producing referrals

A great way of encouraging this tactic of word of mouth promotion is by offering

  • Freebies
  • Bonuses or
  • Concessions

To all your clients who have referred you to additional customers

Present your new clients who have been referred with special deals

A great word of mouth marketing tactics is presenting your fresh customers with concessions or unique offers in for trying out your business.

Try and uphold your business by the use of PR

It is a must that Public relations be ongoing for keeping any business visible to the masses. In this word of mouth marketing plan a business must try and

  • Develop liaisons with local reporters, media members & bloggers
  • Keep them up to date on the most up-to-date news, triumphs and upcoming plans of your business

Ty and become a dynamic member of the local society

In this form of word of mouth marketing plan a business must try and

  • Take part in or fund society events like carnivals, 5K competitions or sports squads will help in getting the name of your business around

There are several companies who have garnered a lot of followers by placing their name on the jerseys of local League team.

Networking with other owners of businesses

Regardless you selling B2B / B2C owners of small businesses in your society can

  • Turn into your clients, /
  • Refer their pals and business members to your business

Try making personal associations

In this Word of mouth marketing strategy businesses should try spreading the news about their business amid their friends and family members, and also to groups they are a part of for private reasons.

Several successful businesses have used this Word of mouth marketing strategy by

  • Issuing ads in a church bulletin /
  • By asking the gym in their locality if they could one of their brochures at its front desk

Try distributing added business cards

Regardless of you doing business with any new client, who you know is satisfied with your service, try

  • Providing them with additional business cards that they are free to distribute among friends /colleagues who could require your services

This is a tried & tested promotional tactic.

Try monitoring what clients think

A business can do this by

  • Carrying out focus groups
  • Checking its online ratings & reviews on a regular basis
  • and Monitoring via social media

These have been used by many businesses for knowing the form of word-of-mouth that their clients have been spreading.

Take special note of such customers who are not happy with your services

Customers who are not happy with a business are inclined to inform additional people regarding their experiences compared to customers who are satisfied with a business. Such clients are more likely to damage the reputation of a business.

However if a business is able to solve the grievances of any customer that customer might become a fan of that business who will advocate that business.

  • Try not to disregard or play down the complaint of a client and
  • If required try all you can for finding a solution and offering great service for winning them over.

Businesses should always ask all new clients how they got to know about them

A business must try getting as precise as possible by asking client how they got to know about it. Monitoring how clients come to know about a business is going to help that business

  • Review how excellent its word of mouth promotional tactics are such that it can concentrate on the means that are the most productive.